Online Scam Method to Make Money Online

With this method you can earn up to two thousand dollars per week. This method employs affiliate marketing on YouTube platform and it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer or you have just started affiliate marketing.

Don’t raise your eyebrows when you hear the word “Online Scam Method”.

I am going to tell you that this method is 100 Percent legal, by which you can earn a decent income from the comfort of your home. You just have to pay attention to understand the strategy outlined below.


This is an absolutely brand new strategy and the competition is very low. If you start from today then you are going to get the first mover advantage.

And the products you’re going to promote attract very high commissions well as recurring commissions on renewal. Thus, this method can be a source of passive income too.

Step 1 – Finding products to promote

We would be promoting two types of products – first one is Virtual Private Network or VPN. And, the second one is Antivirus and anti-Malware software. So, why are we going to promote these products? The main idea behind this method is that “online scams” have a mass appeal. People love to watch videos or read about stories related to online scams and frauds, and these people also hope that they do not become a victim of such scams. Such audiences are hot prospects for selling products which can prevent online scams.

To pormote any affiliate product, you need to know everything about the product. Only then, you can convincingly sell the product. That’s why at first you should understand what kind of scams can be prevented by VPNs, Antivirus or anti-Malware software.A VPN provides you a virtual IP address. Every Internet user has an IP address, A VPN will hide your real IP address. That is why hackers won’t know your real IP address. Thus, if the hacker does not get access to your IP address, he won’t be able to hack your computer. These days, it is very easy to hack a computer as there are so many tools available that can hack your computer using the brute force method, looking for vulnerabilities in your ports.

If you have used a VPN, it would be very easy for you to understand the way VPNs can protect your system; but you do not have to buy a VPN in order to promote a VPN. Try to get as much details about benefits of a VPN from the following links.

You should test at least 2-3 products and stick with the one that gives you the best results. Many of these affiliate programs would give you 40% to 100% commission for the first month/year and then a recurring commission when the buyer renews the subscription. So, how much you can typically earn by promoting a VPN? Typically a VPN subscription is about $12 per month. Once people start using a VPN, they usually continue with the subscription, there is a big potential for earning huge commissions every month.

All you need to do is to visit the website of the VPN you want to promote and register as an affiliate. You must enter your real personal details in order to receive your commission. If you have a relevant website (landing page) or Youtube channel, enter the URL of the website / Youtube channel.

For source of traffic, you can mention Social Media Marketing through Youtube. Once you get approved as an affiliate, go through the affiliate resources available on the site, so that you can make a good use of them.Similarly, you need to learn more about antivirus and anti-malware software and their benefits. For example – some online scams involve getting your critical details such as login/ password of your bank account by redirecting to a fake fishing site. A good antivirus can prevent you from visiting such fishing sites.

Step 2 – Where to get content?

There is a universal need for VPNs, Antivirus and anti-Malware software, but if you try to sell such products with paid ads, your conversion won’t be high as people in general do not want to get sold. So, we are going for a method where we create informative YouTube videos that can educate people about online scams. And, for this we are going to collect real stories about online scams and frauds. We use such stories for creating our videos.

There are many tyoes of online scams, but we are going to collect only those scams that can be prevented either by a VPN or by am antivirus or anti-Malware software. And, then depending on the type of the scam, we recommend a solution at the end of the video.

So, if the scam involved hacking of victim’s computer, we recommend using a VPN. If the scam involved a fishing website, we recommend an antivirus.

If the scam involved malware you recommend an anti-malware.

So, where do you find stories of online scams and frauds? There are many sources for that. First, go to Google and search for the keywords “stories of people getting scammed on the internet”. In the search results, you’ll find websites like On such sites, you can find many stories of online scams. Alternatively, you can find such stories in Google News too.

Select a news / story that interests you. Copy the story content in a notepad and rewrite it in your own language. This will become your script for the video, Remember, you have to narrate the news in the form of astory to your audience, so make sure that the tone of your script is friendly and engaging. If you’re planning to create videos in a language other than English, you can use Google Translate service to create a unique content for your video.

Step 3 – Creating an audio for your video

You need to first create a YouTube channel for uploading videos related to online scams.

For creating videos, you need to first create an audio file using your script, you can record your own voice if you are confident. If you do not want to use your own voice, you can use text to speech tool like clickchamp.

You can also hire someone on Fiverr to record an audio for your script.

Step 4 – Creating a video for your story

You can Use royalty-free images and video clips from public domain to create your video. You can use a software like Filmora or Moravi to create your videos. You have to match your audio with relevant images or video clips.

To make your job easier, you can use an AI based software like Invideo or Lumen 5, to create your videos. Such software can automatically pick royalty-free relevant images / video clips to match your audio.You should also be aware of steps you need to take to optimize your videos for Youtube and search engines. Only then, you will get organic traffic to your youtube videos.

Now,at the end of the video, if you just tell your audience to buy a VPN or antiviris, it may not work, But if you tell them a story such as how you saved thousands of dollars last year when your computer was attacked by a hacker by using a VPN, it would sound more convincing,

To summarize, if you narrate a news in the form of a story and at the end of your story pitch for a relevant product, your conversion rates would be very hight. Also, such content gets lots of views on Youtube organically, if you have done your basic YouTube SEO correctly.

You can tell your users to check the description box for discount codes (Your affiliate link). Youtube allows affiliate links, but it is better if you use a landing page (brifge page) or at least a URL shortner for your affiliate links.

For this method to work, you need to upload scam stories regularly on your channel. If possible, share your youtube videos on other social media networks to get initial traffic to your videos. You should nake videos of at least 5 minute duration to improve your organic ranking in YouTube.

Remember you have to match the product you recommend to the content of your story, so you need to use your judgment for that.

Good luck!