Psychic Predictions 2010

The pace of the U.S. economic recovery period may be interrupted by a few unexpected natural and international conflicts, but, however fast or slow, one thing is certain: the unemployment rate will be the lowest in the third quarter of the year since the recession began. . From my perspective, we have about a 75-80

Astrology, love and magic

As an astrologer, I know that love is a crucial concern for most of my clients. Career and money are important, but they’re not in the same league, which I’ve always found strange. Having enough money to buy food, and put a roof over your head, is logically much more important than romantic curiosities, especially

Book review – The missing medallion

The Missing Locket is a paranormal mystery featuring two adorable young detectives that girls ages 9 and up will love. It’s the perfect darkly atmospheric story for young intriguers and adventurers to snuggle up to on those gray, rainy afternoons or read in bed. It’s the summer of 1964 and Gus and Cynthia, two very

Numerology and the meaning of numbers

Have you ever wondered what meanings might hide beneath a number, perhaps one that keeps reappearing in your life? Since time immemorial, mankind has wondered about the nature of number and how it relates to life. Numerologists believe that there are nine unique archetypes corresponding to nine cycles of development: the numbers 1 through 9.

A Brief History of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

Most, who hear the word tarot, usually think of mystical gypsies or even pagan heretics. However, for many who follow the divinatory path, the Book of Thoth rings sweetly in their ears. Although there are many common decks, tarot enthusiasts consider the Thoth Tarot to be unmatched. An item to become an adept of the

Prediction of hurricanes by astrology

So people believe that you can predict a major weather event on our Earth using astrology. In some cases this may be true because certain parts of the year the stars will be in certain places and certain times of the year that we know actually contain certain types of if and certain types of

Do we live inside a giant brain?

Living inside a mega brain Metaphysicians identify the records imprinted in the zero point field as the “Akashic records.” This forms the “memory” of the brain-mind or universal computer. According to metaphysician Charles Leadbeater, if the observer does not focus on them, the records simply form the background of what is happening. Under these conditions

Numerology Soul Boost and Where You Live: Cities also have motivational numbers

Have you ever noticed how some cities have a life of their own, a flavor that suits you or doesn’t, depending on what you’re looking for in life? Numerologists know that cities, states and even countries have their own soul number. And to enjoy living there, your soul number / motivation must be compatible with

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

After the High Priestess comes the Empress. Its designated number is three, which represents completion, procreation, fertility and union. Since the High Priestess represents two opposing forces, the Empress follows by introducing a new unifying principle. She is the letter of creation. Therefore, the Empress is associated with childbirth, creativity, new energy and productivity. The