Law of Attraction – Defensive measures against psychic attacks

If you seem to struggle desperately to get the things you want while consciously using the law of attraction, you could very well be dealing with a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are more real and more common than most people realize. Using protection techniques will radically improve your ability to attract. Using psychic protection techniques

Learn About Astrology: What Is A Birth Chart?

An astrological natal chart, or natal chart, is a graphical and mathematical representation of the planets in the sky at the precise moment of your birth. The month, day, year, time, and location are taken into account when determining the rising, or rising, sign on the eastern horizon. The rest of the chart follows counterclockwise

Definitions of out-of-body experience: Learn more about them

Students of out-of-body experiences (OOBEs) will find countless definitions. Some of the common definitions of out-of-body experience are as follows. The WordNetWeb site says that the out-of-body experience is “the dissociative experience of observing yourself from an external perspective as if your mind or soul has left and is observing your body.” says, “When

A free guide to tarot card meanings

Psychics are those who can read tarot cards. Sometimes, don’t you wish even you could read them? Well, you can too, if you just pay some attention to how they are read and interpreted. There are many websites and books around the world that can teach you how to read the different cards and become

Mentalism – Psychic mysticism or magician’s art form

What brought me back to the art of conjurers, as a mentalist and magician from Christchurch, was watching Derren Brown’s amazing performances on his TV shows. Spiritists, psychics, and magicians have existed for centuries in many cultures and time periods. It is difficult, if possible, to separate them by definition. Even today psychics and their

An Indian Astrology Compatibility Chart

How come there is such a practice as Indian astrology? How can this be different from more popular Western astrology? What is this Indian Astrology Compatibility Chart? What exactly does it do? How do you use this chart to bring luck into your life? Did this chart or Indian astrology originate in India? If so,

The meaning of life path number 2 in numerology

The first calculation to do for a numerology chart is the date of birth. The date must be written in mm/dd/yyyy format. For example, if you were born on January 23, 1980, it would be 01/23/1980. If you add the birth date numbers together, you will have the life path number. In the example given,

10 steps to reading tarot cards

Consistent tarot reading takes a lot of practice and dedication. This guide is intended to help those who have already learned the basics of how to draw tarot cards, that is, how to perform the physical and mechanical act involved in tarot card readings. The following 10 steps will help you improve your readings, hopefully

Psychic Abilities: Benefits and Disadvantages!

Psychic abilities should come with a warning sign that says “possible side effects”! Having or developing these skills should not be taken lightly, as once you have them, there is no going back and there is a responsibility to use them wisely and for the greatest good. While many people are fascinated with anything psychic,