Alternate realities and parallel universes: do you live them?

One of the popular topics in amateur science in recent years has been the concept of alternate realities. People freaked out when scientists proposed the theory of multiple dimensions. This pales in comparison to the concept of an unlimited number of alternate realities or parallel universes. They may give you complicated calculations to prove their concept, but I prefer to think of it this way… Have you ever thought you’ve lost something like your keys or a wallet that you always keep in the same place every day? only to find him there a short time later? Are there friends, family, or co-workers who swear they saw you and even talked to you somewhere you weren’t around at the time? These are examples of how some postulate that alternate realities intersect and affect our lives.

In the old days, people said that if you weren’t a forgetful person and found things missing around the house, you might be sharing your home with mischievous fairies. If people saw you in a place where you’re not close, they might say you have a double. Scientists disdain using the paranormal or supernatural to explain anything, so it makes sense that they offer the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternate realities as a more scientific and realistic explanation. His concept says that we can exist in many realities at once. They claim that sometimes realities intersect and mix.

The interesting part of his hypothesis is that you can be different in each reality, or exist in our reality and not in the others. They point to cases such as a person who landed on a commercial flight from Europe in the 1950s. He had a passport, driver’s license and other documents from a country that does not exist in our reality. YouTube is full of videos of cars or people coming out of nowhere. With the number of cameras everywhere these days, it’s no surprise that any strange or unusual event can be captured on video. The ultimate conspiracy buffs say we are all living in a Matrix type situation and call these incidents matrix glitches. I think I like the alternate realities explanation better.

The television show Twilight Zone featured an episode about a World War I pilot who landed at a modern airport. It was based on a true event when a British airman saw an airfield as it would later be seen. There was also an episode involving a commercial flight that landed with no passengers or crew on board. An investigator arrived to investigate. The plane and the researcher disappeared leaving only one person who remembered the event. Over the years, there have been stories of “ghost planes” that landed with no one on board and others that landed years after taking off.

Proponents of the theory that alternate realities are creeping into ours point to the “Mandela effect.” It is named after the former prisoner and, more recently, president of South Africa. Some people are sure to remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. Others are not sure. Then there are the movies. People swear iconic lines like “I’m walking over here” were once “I’m crossing over here.” I have had my own experience with this. I distinctly remember an elderly couple who lived a few houses across the street from us. No one else remembers them, not even my immediate family. I suppose you could explain some UFO sightings, ghost activity, and other apparently paranormal events by using the theory of alternate realities to explain them. I’m not convinced at the moment.

Now astronomers have chimed in with what they say is proof that we’re living in a multiverse instead of a single universe. The theory of the Multiverse saw that an infinite number of Universes exist side by side in parallel. This includes ours. They believe they can be as different as they are the same. Ok, now I have a headache! Astronomers say the discovery of a massive super-hollow cold spot supports the theory of parallel universes that is supported by several scientific heavyweights such as the late Dr. Stephen Hawking. They saw that the cold spot shouldn’t exist as it does because it doesn’t fit into any of the existing models that help explain our reality. My headache just got worse. In the end I guess we will have to wait until one day we walk down a street and bump into ourselves.