Numerology and the meaning of numbers

Have you ever wondered what meanings might hide beneath a number, perhaps one that keeps reappearing in your life? Since time immemorial, mankind has wondered about the nature of number and how it relates to life. Numerologists believe that there are nine unique archetypes corresponding to nine cycles of development: the numbers 1 through 9.

Numerology Soul Boost and Where You Live: Cities also have motivational numbers

Have you ever noticed how some cities have a life of their own, a flavor that suits you or doesn’t, depending on what you’re looking for in life? Numerologists know that cities, states and even countries have their own soul number. And to enjoy living there, your soul number / motivation must be compatible with

Numerology calculator that is ancient and accurate

Numerology calculator is all the rage these days, from famous actors, politicians to even road romeos, numerology has come a long way. The curiosity of the latest generation to learn (occult) sciences seems to fascinate me a lot. As a numerologist, I found numerology to be as fascinating as an airplane to a 3-year-old. Numerology

The meaning of life path number 2 in numerology

The first calculation to do for a numerology chart is the date of birth. The date must be written in mm/dd/yyyy format. For example, if you were born on January 23, 1980, it would be 01/23/1980. If you add the birth date numbers together, you will have the life path number. In the example given,

Your age is also your current energy: Chaldean numerology reveals your phase

If you have read any of my past Chaldean numerology articles, you know that individual energies and meanings are connected to the symbols we see as numbers and letters. Chaldean numerology allows you to look into your “self” from an unusual vantage point and “see” the specific vibrations that reside in your name energy…and some

Numerology Number Patterns for Divination

Numerology is a belief system that may appeal to people who desire order and a systematic explanation of why and how things happen. This system aims to interpret and establish numerical patterns in relation to the occurrence of everyday events. Those who follow numerology use numbers to explain the past, but also in an effort

Pythagorean Versus Chaldean Numerology: Which Is More Accurate?

Although there are several numerology systems in the world today, one of the most recognizable seems to be the Pythagorean (also known as “Western”) system, which is based on sequential placements of letters to numbers in a numbered chart from 1 to 9. Since Pythagoras (a Greek mathematician/philosopher, c. 500-600 BC) believed that individual talents

Numerology Birth Chart Lines: Strong Character Traits From Date of Birth

Wondering why people with the same astrological sign or life path number are so different? In numerology, part of the reason is that your life path is made up of different combinations of numbers in your birth date. Some people have strong character traits predicted by the presence of completed lines in their birth chart.

Spiritual Numerology Life Path Period – Master Number 22 – A Rare Find

In numerology, a tradition bound by spiritual evidence: the relationship between numbers and living things, we all have three cycles, or periods of the life path throughout our lives. To determine the three periods of a person’s life, only a person’s date of birth is needed. Also, if someone’s third period of life is 22,