Psychic Feelings: How to navigate premonitions or feelings about the future

How do psychic feelings feel? Should I trust my gut when they happen… or is it smarter to just let them pass? What’s the difference between a genuine psychic feeling and something silly, or just a wild guess that happened? And if I have psychic feelings often, does that mean I’m really psychic myself? What

Psychic Development Meditation: Proven Ways to Develop Your Psychic Powers Fast

In this article I would like to address psychic development meditation. The simple truth is that there is NO better or faster way to develop your latent psychic powers than through the magical art and science of meditation. The meditative mind is MUCH more open, receptive and intuitive, and is much better able to delve

Psychic abilities within animals

Humans are not the only creatures on this earth with psychic powers; Animals also have psychic abilities that they can use to their advantage. Over the centuries, there have been countless stories of animals displaying psychic abilities. Psychic powers are often described as similar to having a sixth sense and many animals are believed to

Live Psychic Readings – Are They As Good As Individual Sessions?

When I do a live psychic reading, I can use unaided clairvoyance or work with a variety of divination methods. There are several ways to do a live psychic reading and I will explain the different methods in this article. If you have any doubts about having a live psychic reading, after reading this article,

Authentic Psychic Readings – What Can You Learn From A Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings have been sought after by people for years. In fact, in the past, authentic readings even had an impact on how great rulers would run their kingdoms. People look to authentic readings for guidance and enlightenment in almost every aspect of life. Generally speaking, psychic readings can give you better and clearer insight;

Psychic Messages: How A Psychic Reading Can Change Your Life Instantly

What do psychic messages really mean? Are they valuable? Are they beneficial to the person getting the reading or are they just good momentary entertainment for people who need a nudge in the right direction? The truth is, no matter what you believe is happening during a psychic reading, they can change the lives of

Psychic Readings As Hidden Keys To Success In Life

There are two ways to use the emerging science of psi and psychic ability to your advantage. The first is to develop your own psychic ability. Everyone has this talent, but the extent to which it is accessible to each individual will vary. Some are intimately attuned to it naturally, while others will require extensive

What you should know about a psychic tarot reader and how they work

There are a number of spreads for a variety of situations and the general rule is that the major and minor pages and arcana relate to certain aspects of our lives. When people come to me as a psychic tarot reader, they receive a psychically guided tarot card reading. Learning tarot is more like learning