A Brief History of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

Most, who hear the word tarot, usually think of mystical gypsies or even pagan heretics. However, for many who follow the divinatory path, the Book of Thoth rings sweetly in their ears. Although there are many common decks, tarot enthusiasts consider the Thoth Tarot to be unmatched. An item to become an adept of the

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

After the High Priestess comes the Empress. Its designated number is three, which represents completion, procreation, fertility and union. Since the High Priestess represents two opposing forces, the Empress follows by introducing a new unifying principle. She is the letter of creation. Therefore, the Empress is associated with childbirth, creativity, new energy and productivity. The

What else could you expect from psychic tarot oracle cards?

If you want to be successful in a short time, you have to think in different ways. Psychic tarot oracle cards play an important role in redesigning the life of a person who is struggling to achieve success and honor. Well designed tarot cards will teach you how to read your future. It will help

Free Psychic Tarot Reading: What the Cards Can Tell You

Are you addicted to the newspaper’s horoscope column that predicts what your day will look like? Are you one of those people who are always excited to read or learn something about ghosts, souls or the occult? Are you curious about what the future holds? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions,

A free guide to tarot card meanings

Psychics are those who can read tarot cards. Sometimes, don’t you wish even you could read them? Well, you can too, if you just pay some attention to how they are read and interpreted. There are many websites and books around the world that can teach you how to read the different cards and become

10 steps to reading tarot cards

Consistent tarot reading takes a lot of practice and dedication. This guide is intended to help those who have already learned the basics of how to draw tarot cards, that is, how to perform the physical and mechanical act involved in tarot card readings. The following 10 steps will help you improve your readings, hopefully

How can you tell if a tarot reader is psychic?

After doing several readings, I began to wonder how it was possible for someone to predict what would happen to me over time. I wondered if certain things would only happen because I had ended up believing they would. If this was the case, it was as if a reader was planting seeds in his

How to Read Tarot Cards: A Quick Intro

To learn how to read tarot cards, you need to decide which tarot cards you want to use. Picture tarot cards are a good choice if you are just starting out, as the pictures are great guides and you can learn as you go. You need to familiarize yourself with the tarot cards. You should

The symbolism and meanings of the magician’s tarot cards

In tarot reading, the Magician is the manifestation card. It represents the development of the first sense of conscious awareness. In this sense, he has become aware of his own and unique sense of self. The Wizard card encourages you to use your intellect to master the world around you. When it appears in a

Symbolism in tarot reading – Blindfolds

One of the most powerful symbolic images reflected within the Tarot is that of the blindfold. Bandages are barriers, both literally and emotionally. Symbolically, they refer to the level of denial or inability to perceive things as they really are. They can represent a distortion of reality and usually refer to a lack of understanding.