Do reversed tarot cards have a special meaning?

When performing a Tarot card reading, individual cards in a spread can be drawn upright or upside down. Does the fact that the card was drawn upside down have any significance in interpreting what the card means to the questioner? Some would say yes, and some would say no. And for those who say it

Love Tarot – Tips for first tarot readings

In matters of love, there’s nothing like a good Tarot reading. The Tarot offers a unique perspective that illuminates the nature of our relationships. They are there to guide you on your journey, both personally and romantically. Love questions are by far the most common queries asked during a Tarot reading. However, many people find

Three steps to learning how to use a deck of tarot cards

The first time you pick up a deck of tarot cards, you may feel a little intimidated. The images are simple yet evocative, confusing yet alluring. And while it may seem simpler to let someone else do a reading for you, learning how to make your own tarot cards can be an enlightening process. Not

The meaning of the Ace of Cups tarot card has been revealed

The Ace of Cups shows a hand holding out a chalice overflowing with five streams of water. The hand reaching out from the clouds presents our awareness of spiritual energy and influence. Rays radiate from the hand, symbolizing that you must always rely on your inner feelings and your heart to guide you. This is

Psychic Reading or Tarot Card Reading – What’s the Difference?

I have been a psychic and tarot card reader for over 15 years, and one of the most asked questions is “What is the difference between a tarot card reading and a psychic reading?” The answer depends on what you want to know. Both readings can reveal your love life, career, money and more, but

Learning Tarot Spreads: How to learn Tarot Spreads

When first learning about tarot, one of the first things to do is learn the tarot spreads. Learning the tarot decks is essential to the art of reading the cards, as many spreads assign specific meanings to the order in which the cards are read. When learning tarot, the most important thing to remember is

Tarot Card Explanations: What Do The Swords Mean?

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, to divine with the help of tarot cards, you need to know the correct interpretation of the tarot cards and intuitively apply it to the current situation. Since no two situations are perfectly alike, there are no perfectly alike interpretations of any of the tarot cards. However,

What do we actually do when we use the Tarot?

The Tarot, oracles have been fascinating, irritating, frightening and enchanting for years. Historically, these tools of self-knowledge are used as tools and we will see why the cards remain an important key. The tarot stirs the depths of our being. First we will list the different components of our being, as a whole. I will

Hearts in Cartomancy – Tarot reading with the suit of good fortune

Cartmonancy is the art of using a regular deck of cards to see someone’s fortune. Suits of hearts are considered lucky and tend to predict good luck events. Read on to learn about the general meanings of the different heart cards in a person’s reading. Tarot cards and Cartmonancy Cartmonancy developed from Tarot reading, just

How to become a professional tarot reader

Tarot card reading goes in and out of favor with the public on a regular basis. When it’s hot, you can make a lot of money, maybe even enough to live on. When readings aren’t fashionable, as with any freelance career, you’ll need to keep your day job. Either way, if you’re good: 1. reading