God is real – numerology proves it

Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist who ever lived, said: In the absence of any other evidence, my thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.

Corroborating another Newtonian quote, God created everything by number, weight and measure, is numerology – the divine science of numbers where numbers are simply labels that define vibrational frequencies, numbers and frequencies that further define our lives and destinies. Through numerology it is impossible to deny, deny, denounce or dismiss the reality of a power so vast and intelligent that it is beyond the reach of human understanding.

There are several main points that corroborate the reality of God through numerology:

  • The immaculate perfection of people’s lives as reflected in their numbers
  • The incredible accuracy of the timelines and events of the peoples’ lives
  • The extreme interconnectedness of people’s numbers and their lives with other people’s numbers and their lives

Perfection of Lives

People not only speak and live their “numbers” (the derivatives of their full name and date of birth), but they are their numbers The ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras said: Numbers rule the universe. Everything is ordered according to number and mathematical form. Pythagoras was absolutely right. Everything is ordered by number and that includes our lives and our destinies. We can see all this through different aspects of the Numerology of the King.

Accuracy of timelines and events

Things happen when they are meant to happen, not a second sooner or later. As the 20th century saint Sawan Singh declared, There is an account of every minute of a man’s life. Sickness, poverty, health, wealth, etc., are all predestined. What is happening is all preordained.

The general categories of events, lessons, activities, etc. of each of our lives are visible through our numerology charts in the Life Matrix, Name Timeline and Letter components. Many articles on EzineArticles.com reflect this knowledge such as “Prince William and the King’s Numerology?” This begs the question, “What intelligence is there that can create a blueprint of our lives that can know us through the numbers associated simply with our names and dates of birth?” It is amazing, incredibly divine.

Interconnection of numbers

It is truly extraordinary to see the interconnectedness of people’s lives through numbers. Relatives, friends, etc., are our family members, friends…or enemies…for a reason. We may not know what the reason is, but we can certainly see the numerical relationship of those reasons in our graphs and theirs.

God’s reality

What does all this have to do with the reality of God? Quite simply, some intelligence is at work creating our lives and destinies, lives and destinies that can be clearly seen and known in relation to our personal numbers. How is it possible? It is possible because an intelligence far beyond our understanding is creating everything. How could it not be otherwise? What other logical explanation can there be? Life is not a coincidence, it is not a coincidence. When we see the relationship between our personal numbers and our lives it is impossible to deny the existence of some Power beyond our understanding. That Power, for lack of a better word, is God. It is real, it exists, and anyone with an open, clear, unbiased, agenda-free mind can prove it to themselves with a little research and study of the divine science of numbers.


god exists He, She, He, whatever, is a real power, a power so vast and inexplicable that it is incomprehensible to the human mind. We can see its manifestation in the simple numbers associated with our full name at birth and our date of birth as they relate to the events, conditions, circumstances, relationships and experiences of our lives. There is no need to guess at the existence of God…or doubt…or ask…or believe…or disbelieve. We can to know Your reality Yes we will simply take the time to research, study and learn about ourselves and the numbers associated with our names and dates of birth. Ridiculous? No. God is real beyond any nanospection of doubt. And all we have to do to realize this truth of life is to open our eyes…and our minds…and see.