How I Manifested My Dream Body

How I Manifested My Dream BodyHow I Manifested My Dream Body. Raise your hand You have an idea of your dream body but you’ve never been able to achieve it? Girl, me too ! Until now. I’ve been doing a lot of research. And I’m going to explain what law of attraction is, how to manifest your weight loss / weight gain transformation.

This is what I’m doing and it’s helped me to finally lose weight. And you too can change your appearance using your mind. Hi my name is Rachel. Thank you for watching. I am on a journey to achieve a slim thick and fit body type.

Kinda like a athlete but still with a little junk in the trunk if you know what I’m saying.

And if you don’t, here are some pictures of women with my dream body. What is law of attraction? Law of attraction is being able to attract into your life whatever you are focusing on. Using the power of your mind to turn your thoughts into reality.

Simply put, Here are 5 daily practices to help you do that. Before you start judging and say, Rachel why should I listen to you. You don’t have your dream body. Girl, I just started taking this body transformation seriously a month ago. Health exporters say a healthy amount of weight that you should lose per week is on average 2-3 pounds.

So far I lost 8 pounds. And before that I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight until I started doing what I’m doing now. So give me some time because I need to lose at least 40 pounds to achieve my dream body. Though it’s not all about weight. As long as I stay consistent I will see progress.

So hop on this journey with me Girl.

1. Vision boards. The reasons why vision boards work is because what you think directly effects what happens to you.

And if you want to get biblical.

The Bible says as a man thinks so is he. Somebody else said whether you believe you can or you can’t. Either way you are right. So if your mind can visually see positive things consistently, you will receive positive things. The more specific is the better.

Instead of me telling you, let me show you my vision board. I create a digital vision board every month using It’s free. I put it on my Phone because I have it with me all the time and I see it multiple times a day.

I’m going to show you how to create one really quick For the month of November. I like doing this monthly because I physically see me achieving my short term goals which leads to my long term goals. For me I like to create mine like a check list. And I feel motivated when I check those things off my list. To me vision boards are important because the Bible says a man without vision perish.

2. Affirmations: Speak positive things over your life. Like I am healthy, I am cute. Girl you look so good today. I am so Happy.

Why is this important? Because life and death lies in the power of your tongue. Meaning your words are powerful. Speak to yourself in the morning taking a shower, in the car on our drive to work, while you in the gym while you taking your ooh I’m sweating but I’m still cute selfie. And believe everything you are saying because girl you really are cute.

3. Journaling: Keep a journal and be intentional to write in it every day. You know Tyler Perry said that Oprah said that writing is Cathartic so he stated writing. And I know you just saw him reveal his Amazing studio with his star studded guests. Just saying.

Write down at least five things you are grateful for every day.

I like to write down my dreams and goals and my progress towards them. Then later on in life I go back and read them and feel thankful because without it I would have forgotten how far I have come. And I’m so appreciative for that. 4.
What is our why? Why do you want the body that you desire? What will having your dream body do for you? This is a tip I heard from some motivational speaker, Ask yourself why 7 times and you will get to the root of your answer. When you ask yourself these questions, find positive reasons for wanting to achieve your dream body goals. How I Manifested My Dream Body.

Coming from a place of self respect and a desire to grow and be better. Eample: Why do I want to lose weight?

1. To get in shape. Why get in shape?

2. To have a slim thick figure. Why have that figure? feel cute. Why feel cute?

4. To feel confident. Why feel confident?

5. Makes me feel happy. Why feel happy?

6. When happy I’m a better person to myself and to others. wHY be better to self and others?

7. Cause I love myself and I love to help others. 5. Change your relationship with food. Pay attention to how you feel after eating specific foods. What drives you to binge?

What are your triggers? Instead of reacting to those triggers by doing something that goes against your body transformation goals, such as eating a sugar filled snack replace that habit with exercise, or journaling, or speaking affirmations over your life. You see where I’m going with this? Do any of those things but just put the honey bun down! I use to love honey buns.

For me I eat when I’m board. So I stay busy. I use to love to snack even when I wasn’t hungry. How I Manifested My Dream Body.

So I started putting myself on a eating schedule. Eating 5 small meals a day and tracking my calories.

Drinking only water in between those meals to suppress my hunger so I don’t eat more calories than I need. Then once I gained more self control I’m beginning to eat only when I’m hungry. I pay attention to the quality of foods that I feed my body and now I can taste the difference between organic and GMO foods.

How I Manifested My Dream Body, my body even reacts differently. You have to be intentional.

And health is wealth. This is my shortcut.


Such words make a difference between a house and a temple. In a temple, for the same item they say – This is Prasad. Just eat it. Nothing will go wrong. This makes a difference. When we eat with a thought – This is God’s Prasad. This is good for my health. It can not cause me any harm. But at home we keep telling each other not to eat. It is fine to select what you should eat and what you should not. How To Attract Better Health. How To Attract Better Health, but don’t tell that while someone is eating. Either you tell them before they start eating. Are you tell them after they eat, that they should avoid it in future. But don’t give the wrong vibrations while eating. That is why some people say – I don’t want people’s evil eye set on my food. It works because we added that blessing into their food. It will manifest in a big way. Don’t eat more …