Life Path Numerology – "Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Can numbers determine my destiny?"

Most of you might agree with the title, but there are some of you who have had a numerology reading and swear by its life path prediction abilities. I, on the other hand, have to disagree with both and take a middle ground in this statement.

Having been involved in numerology for so many years, I dare say that, as with everything else, numerology is nothing more than a tool, and a great one at that, to help you create a path of life in your pursuit of happiness. Like a car with all its technology, you are the driver and you determine where this “tool” takes you and then there are cars with GPS that can make the trip even easier.

Your birth day is important in determining your true self, personality traits, aptitudes and talents, weakness, strength, life goals and a general guide to where your life path is in your pursuit of happiness. Questions like why my mind thinks the way it does and why I react the way I do can be answered with a comprehensive numerology report. And as I said, it does not predict with the accuracy of an oracle a person’s future, but it can shed light on lucky dates, lucky numbers and the best times for certain actions.

Through the many wonderful people who have had readings with me, I have always focused on telling them what they were blessed and cursed with from the day they were born and the names they were given at birth. As with every word written on the subject of success, it’s about focusing on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. Please don’t tell me that Oprah’s talented children became talented through sheer practice. They were fortunate enough to be placed in situations that enhanced their birthing skills. Be it through many factors that I will talk about in my second article.

So for all of you bashing Sayers, stop blaming everyone else and start understanding yourself and where your life path is in your pursuit of happiness. So to all you over-devout believers who think that numerologists explain all the oracles, stop sitting around doing nothing because nothing but rain, birds and planes will ever fall from the sky. Take action and with the help of Numerology, start using the life path carved from your birth date and birth name. Remember that the first truth of life is that we are born to suffer and the second truth is that the purpose of life is to pursue happiness and to achieve it requires hard work and sheer determination.

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Sergius Tang Numerology Life Coach @ Numerology Reading