Numerology of a sex symbol: Marilyn Monroe

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Marilyn Monroe. Its purpose is simply to reveal the relationship between some aspects of her life and her numbers in furthering the understanding of numerology as a science.]

In a world of notoriety, some people become famous, some achieve superstardom, others transcend their celebrity to become icons. However, few become institutions. Marilyn Monroe is a cinematic institution.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California, Marilyn’s early life was spent with the parenting issues of a mentally unstable mother and an absent father, leading her to growing up in a series of foster homes.

Monroe was one of the most famous stars of the big screen, exuding a mixture of vulnerability, innocence, glamor and blonde bombshell sensuality that mesmerized and captivated the world; a life, unfortunately, that turned tragic in the end. Marilyn died on August 5, 1962 at the age of thirty-six under a cloud of mystery and intrigue, the same kind of mystery and intrigue associated with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Without a doubt, the persona most associated with Marilyn Monroe as an actress was that of a sex symbol. It was the heart of men all over the world. Married three times, she is also said to have had affairs with other men, including President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert (Wikipedia).

  • What numbers reflect Monroe’s sex symbol character?
  • Which number in Marilyn’s chart suggested a tragic life?
  • What pattern of numbers reveals the father’s abandonment issues in his early years?
  • Which IR (Influence/Reality) set indicated the problems associated with your mother?

Marilyn Monroe’s sex persona numbers

There are three main numbers that reflect Marilyn Monroe’s magnetic sexual personality:

  • Master number 33-6
  • Master number 66-3
  • Number 5

The master number 33

One of the surprising components of Monroe’s chart is the amount of internal stacking of the master number 33. Her material soul contains a stack of this powerfully expressive sexual energy, an energy that can also lead to serious addictions due to its quality of pleasure seeking Having a set of 33 energy is powerful, but three is extremely rare. This internal 33 energy stack can be written as 33-33-33 which when combined creates 99, the master number of universal power and mastery. It is extremely rare to have a tristack of any master number in a Basic Matrix component. To have the sexual power, pleasure, and image-saturated master number 33 duplicated three times in the position of the Material Soul is almost beyond comprehension, and since the Material Soul rules the needs, desires, and one’s worldly desires, reflected Monroe’s motivations, the core of which. it had to be a sexual symbol.

The master number 66

To the double 33-6 tristack is added the master number 66-3 in Monroe’s Material Nature. This is also a powerfully sex-charged master number. Not as common as the 33, but still powerful.

The number 5

The third number that creates Monroe’s sexual personality is the number 5. It rules the five senses, variety, diversity, stimulation, experience, freedom and exploration. Together, the numbers 5 and 6 are the most powerful sexual combination. Monroe’s Nature was a 5. He loved variety and adventure. Hence his many lovers. One man just wasn’t enough for her. Basically, Marilyn Monroe could be described as sex incarnate. Her most intimate desires, her personality and her life manifested her image as a charmer.

A troubled life path

The number 7 is the number of spiritual trials and carries the greatest degree of possible turmoil, heartache, betrayal and suffering. Marilyn Monroe’s Lifepath was a 7, the same as John F. Kennedy. Princess Diana also had a 7 Lifepath, and it was this number that foreshadowed trouble for Marilyn Monroe’s life from the start, as it did for JRK and Diana.

Monroe’s chart harbored a gap 7 (written as 7v). In other words, he had no G, P, or Y in his birth name. Her first given name “Norma” is also a 7. Her active timeline was from birth to age 25. Combined with his 7 Lifepath, the resulting number is a 5, the energy of change, loss, detachment, exploration, experimentation, the five senses. Therefore, from birth to age 25, this 7v/5 IR (Influence/Reality) set intensified his 7 Lifepath, creating a condition of heartbreak, heartache and tragedy.

Father abandonment issues

In numerology the number 1 rules father, masculine energy, self, ego, individuality, independence and action. Number 5 rules detachment, loss, freedom, uncertainty, change and separation. Since Monroe was born on June 1st, her first epoch IR set was 1/5, this as a result of filtering the 1 through her expression 4 to create a result of 5 .This illustrates problems with the loss or shedding (5) of masculine energy (1). Princess Diana, who also had a 4 expression and was born on July 1st, had this same set of 1/5 IRs ruling the early part of her life as well, and her divorce (separation) from Prince Charles is historical. The famous aviator Charles Lindbergh is another case of the 1/5 and his issues of loss/disengagement of masculine energy. His son was kidnapped and killed during this 1/5 IR set in Lindbergh’s 2nd Challenge.

Marilyn’s mother issues

As the number 1 represents masculine energy, the number 2 represents feminine energy. Marilyn’s birth mother is known to have had mental problems, and because of her illness, Monroe spent her early life in foster homes. This confusion with his mother is seen in Monroe’s 1st Pinnacle, which is a 7v/11-2. The empty 7 reflects mental instability, and the 11-2 indicates great tension and stress in the woman, with others and relationships. This would not only refer to Monroe’s mother, but to Monroe herself. It would also play a factor in their relationships in general.


There is no doubt that Marilyn Monroe is a legend among legends. His life was difficult but powerful, powerful enough to keep his image alive half a century after his death. Although this short article does not fully describe her life, it does reveal that Monroe’s numbers match her destiny. The massive amount of master energy of 33 and 66 in his chart, in concert with the 5 energy, created his sex symbol image. The combination 1/5 and 7v/11-2 in the fundamental part of his chart clearly shows problems with father and mother to some extent. Wrap all of this into a 7 Lifepath and the result was a hugely famous actress with a hugely tragic but heralded life. ~ end