Our Minds Create Our World

Our Minds Create Our World

Look around you. What can you see?

The truth is everything that you see around you, whether a chair or a human being, has been created and first perceived by the mind of an individual. In other words, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can simply come into being. Well, some people may think that this is a poor positive thinking strategy that you have heard of over and over again. Up to this time, we had not been able to scientifically prove the power of positive thinking. However, today we can do that with the help of quantum physics.

What quantum physics has unraveled to us about the human mind, perception, and beliefs about reality is that you can use your mind to alter reality to perfectly fit your viewpoint.

For instance, so many scientists have demonstrated that the universe is made from particles while another group argued that it is made from waves. After many years of arguments, they all decided to take a step back so that they can have a different perspective. It is then that they discovered that the universe was created from waves or particles based on the scientists’ expectations. If they expected that the world was formed from waves, that is exactly what they would see. And if they thought it was formed from waves, that is exactly what it appeared to be.

In the same manner, you continue to believe that reality is as it is because you think that certain things are beyond your control. However, the truth is, the reality is as it is because you expect it to be that way. Funny huh?

Well, this same concept explains the reason why so many successful people place so much importance on the power of their minds and thoughts. In other words, they create their realities by what they believe and then go ahead to put their efforts on cultivating their mindset. This is what eventually leads them to phenomenal success and joy. Then you wonder why the average person blames other people for their circumstances and failures. The secret is to look deep inside for the source of both failure and success.

The important question here is, “if your success in life is based on your mindset, what are you going to do about it?”