Love Tarot Readings and Temperance Tarot Card

In love tarot readings, the Temperance tarot card is the card of patience, cooperation, balance and moderation. She urges us not to act compulsively. Instead, its appearance is always an indicator that it is a moment for us to stop and think. This is especially true when we are contemplating our romantic relationships. If you

7 psychic tips: to seduce the opposite sex

What do you mean by the term “psychic”? A person is called “psychic” when he possesses extra sensory perception (ESP) and such a person is called a highly intuitive individual because he is gifted with supernatural powers and sensory ability that are beyond the reach of the common man. A person with good psychic abilities

Native American Astrology: The Blinking Sign

In Native American spirituality, we are connected to everything we share space with and the earth, sky, sun, moon and animals are considered our kin. In Native American astrology, these animals become spirit companions who infuse us with their character traits, depending on when we are born, and offer spiritual assistance whenever we need it.

Bad Lord Soulis – The Wizard of the Hermitage Castle

The Hermitage Castle is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Scotland. The wandering spirit of Mary, Queen of Scots has allegedly been seen in this imposing fortress. It was also the place where a medieval nobleman, Sir Alexander Ramsay of Dalhousie, was imprisoned and starved to death. Sinister figures in blood-stained

Aquarius and Astrology Numerology: Modifiers for Your Horoscope

If your date of birth falls between January 21 and February 19, you were born under the sun sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. You probably know your horoscope, but did you know that numerology shows us a particular Aquarian behavior based on your specific birth date? We can find out this modifier by calculating

How do I interpret tarot cards?

How do I interpret tarot cards? is a question that many people ask. With the right tools and the right knowledge, it can be quite simple. For years, people have looked to tarot card readers for guidance and reassurance. People want to know where their lives are going, and they simply want to understand what

Astrology, zodiacs and horoscopes

Astrology gives an awareness of the environment through the power to know things without conscious reasoning. The study of astrology includes an imaginary belt in the sky that encompasses the paths of most planets and is divided into 12 constellations or signs known as Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo , Balance.

UFOs: Listen to the pilots, not the experts

Growing up in a family with a career Air Force officer as your father can be daunting. Many children have to deal with moving from place to place, basic housing and a hundred other things that will drive you crazy if you leave them. I was lucky to be born late in my parents’ lives.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology: What’s in That Lottery Ticket Anyway

I can’t tell you if you’ll win the lottery or not, that depends on your own personal destiny, but if you win, I’ll bet I can tell you some of the numbers on your winning ticket. Numerology predicts that certain numbers will appear in important combinations in your life again and again. You will literally