Pythagorean Versus Chaldean Numerology: Which Is More Accurate?

Although there are several numerology systems in the world today, one of the most recognizable seems to be the Pythagorean (also known as “Western”) system, which is based on sequential placements of letters to numbers in a numbered chart from 1 to 9. Since Pythagoras (a Greek mathematician/philosopher, c. 500-600 BC) believed that individual talents

Symbolism in tarot reading – Blindfolds

One of the most powerful symbolic images reflected within the Tarot is that of the blindfold. Bandages are barriers, both literally and emotionally. Symbolically, they refer to the level of denial or inability to perceive things as they really are. They can represent a distortion of reality and usually refer to a lack of understanding.

Different types of psychic abilities

The different types of psychic abilities are as rich and varied as the people who have them. Many categories overlap and it is common for a single person to have many different types of psychic abilities. Telepathy and empathy are two very similar psychic abilities in that they both involve the mind of another person.

There are spirits! Unholy, dead, haunting: no rest

Spirits, are you there? Every time we signal, we call. And look! they seem as if they are here and now. Spirits are violent and historical; we live for them and for them. For a thousand years we have been teaching love and peace, but they would be asked and all these theories of the

Numerology Birth Chart Lines: Strong Character Traits From Date of Birth

Wondering why people with the same astrological sign or life path number are so different? In numerology, part of the reason is that your life path is made up of different combinations of numbers in your birth date. Some people have strong character traits predicted by the presence of completed lines in their birth chart.

What does the hermit mean to you in a tarot card reading?

The Hermit card is the tenth card of the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with the number 9. When it is pulled during a reading, it is usually a sign that you may be entering this period and have of taking some time alone perhaps to take a break from stress, relationships

Psychic abilities and how to fake them

Some people say they are “psychic”, but what do they mean? The tag includes a diverse mix of talents and skills, and there are so many ways to fake them. telepathy Telepathy, also known as “mind reading”, is hearing the thoughts of other people. The term telepathy sounds too close to telepathy, so people tend

Chinese Astrology – Personal Date Selection

What is Date Picking in Chinese Astrology? To answer this question, we need to delve deeper into the philosophy behind the Chinese approach to date selection. The Chinese view of time focuses on the concept of Yin and Yang and Time and Space. Time is Yang and space is Yin. Time is movement and space

Dangers of the Ouija Board

One of the world’s greatest paranormal mysteries…how can a board enable communication with spirits? In 1977 I participated in a Ouija board session and without a doubt witnessed spirit communication, which created a year I will never forget: one for this, and the other… was the ‘year of Princess Diana’s death here in the UK.