Psychic abilities within animals

Humans are not the only creatures on this earth with psychic powers; Animals also have psychic abilities that they can use to their advantage. Over the centuries, there have been countless stories of animals displaying psychic abilities. Psychic powers are often described as similar to having a sixth sense and many animals are believed to

Southern Hemisphere Astrology: How It’s Like Northern Hemisphere Astrology

Astrology in the Southern Hemisphere has always been a topic of discussion among academic astrologers. Western and Vedic astrological traditions developed in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is from this perspective that we interpret the movement of planets (grahas), houses (bhavas) and signs (rashis). For the most part, astrologers have interpreted the movement of planets

Live Psychic Readings – Are They As Good As Individual Sessions?

When I do a live psychic reading, I can use unaided clairvoyance or work with a variety of divination methods. There are several ways to do a live psychic reading and I will explain the different methods in this article. If you have any doubts about having a live psychic reading, after reading this article,

Astrology and Your Attitude – Astrology Predictions 2010

The movements and positions of the planets at the time of birth determine a person’s astrological chart. A person’s attitude can also be exposed by taking cues from the cards and astrological signs. Understanding our personal attitudes that include both good and bad qualities can be of great help in developing towards a better future.

Today I found my lucky numbers in Chinese numerology

A numerology reading is still one of the least known and certainly least understood forms of divination. Knowledge of the mystical and spiritual world of astrology, the I-ching, angel guidance, tea leaf reading and runes is also almost unknown. And, strictly around numerology, there are even more misunderstandings between different types of numerology. Every culture

Authentic Psychic Readings – What Can You Learn From A Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings have been sought after by people for years. In fact, in the past, authentic readings even had an impact on how great rulers would run their kingdoms. People look to authentic readings for guidance and enlightenment in almost every aspect of life. Generally speaking, psychic readings can give you better and clearer insight;

Indian astrology with horoscope

Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs that hold that the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details can provide information about personality, human affairs, and other earthly matters. An astrologer is a person who works in the field of astrology. Scientists consider astrology a superstition. Many internet sites offer astrology based

Psychic Messages: How A Psychic Reading Can Change Your Life Instantly

What do psychic messages really mean? Are they valuable? Are they beneficial to the person getting the reading or are they just good momentary entertainment for people who need a nudge in the right direction? The truth is, no matter what you believe is happening during a psychic reading, they can change the lives of