Quantum astrology is energy astrology

Quantum Astrology

The new Age of Aquarius with its paradigm of Quantum Physics is nothing less than a wake-up call to man. Only a fool would not admit that the world is in chaos. Wars, famine disease, etc. Because? Because gentle man, as a whole, has abandoned the path of spirituality and turned a blind eye to his Divine Destiny. The Divine Destiny of all mankind is and always has become less beastly and more God-like. The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that the world as we see and experience it is in fact a projection of the thoughts, emotions and actions of the mass mind of humanity. The mass mind is the sum total of all the minds on the planet. This is what is meant by “All” or “All are One.”

We are connected by our thoughts and feelings. Most of humanity is dumb and ignorant of why things are the way they are. Even if they knew, they wouldn’t or couldn’t change it. I write these articles for the 5% of humanity that is aware. The 5% that acts as leaven in the bread, called Humanity. The good news is that this 5% of Conscious Humanity is enough to prevent the rest of Humanity from sinking below a level of consciousness that would result in the destruction of man. This has happened before, during the Atlantean, Hyperbeon and Mu periods. There is no guarantee that Humanity will survive this final plunge into beauty. We have to get back on track. We need a road map, a plan to help us all be more aware.

We have one, the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics has given us one. These Laws tell us that we are all individual souls in the Mind of God. The infinite soul. We blink out of the mind of God into the quantum ocean where we experience life. It is our Life Experiences that determine where we are individually or en masse to raise our levels of consciousness and become more God-like or lower and lower. Everything around us has its equivalent, the divine blueprint in the quantum ocean, the mind of God. There is a Divine Plan, a Divine Plan of how we should live our lives to be more aware. It is the science of astrology.

The entire galaxy, as well as our Solar System, run smoothly because they follow their astrological time clock. Man has forgotten that he has built his own astrological time clock. There is a right time in our lives to do whatever we want as long as we follow that clock. The laws of quantum physics tell us that there are a million things we can do and have and millions of things we cannot do and have. Our individual astrological clocks will tell us what they are and when we can expect them.

Our individual astrological clock is built into our individual sun charts. The time has come to dust off our astrological sun chart. It is time to follow our individual divine timing factors. By doing this you will do many more things consciously. As we do things more consciously, we will become more aware. As we become more aware individually, humanity will emerge from the depths of beastliness into the light once more.