The power of astrology

Astrology is “the word of the stars.” The ten main bodies in the solar system that appear to orbit the Earth are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Through the movements of the stars and planets, we can read and predict the events significant to our lives.

Astrology has been used to predict the future, relationship compatibility, to help people adapt to the unexpected and make the most of their opportunities. It has an extraordinarily accurate description of our personalities, needs, hopes, strengths and weaknesses. Most fascinating of all, it is said to be able to predict the future.

The twelve signs of the zodiac

They are

1. Aries (Element: Fire, Quality: Cardinal, Planet: Mars)

2. Taurus (Element: Earth, Quality: Fixed, Planet: Venus)

3. Gemini (Element: Air, Quality: Mutable, Planet: Mercury)

4. Cancer (Element: Water, Quality: Cardinal, Planet: The Moon)

5. Leo (Element: Fire, Quality: Fixed, Planet: The Sun)

6. Virgo (Element: Earth, Quality: Mutable, Planet: Mercury)

7. Libra (Element: Air, Quality: Cardinal, Planet: Venus)

8. Scorpio (Element: Water, Quality: Fixed, Planet: Mars)

9. Sagittarius (Element: Fire, Quality: Mutable, Planet: Jupiter)

10. Capricorn (Element: Earth, Quality: Cardinal, Planet: Saturn)

11. Aquarius (Element: Air, Quality: Fixed, Planet: Saturn)

12. Pisces (Element: Water, Quality: Mutable, Planet: Jupiter)

Use of astrology in relationships

Each sign has different characteristics and have different relationship dynamics with each other. Some combinations may work better as friends than as lovers, others as colleagues than as friends. On the other hand, some marriages develop according to agreement, while others develop through discussion. The process of comparing one horoscope with another is known as synastry. At its simplest level, synastry works by comparing the sun sign. There are certain combinations of sun signs that often produce a close relationship and the most common are the combination of signs of the same element, for example fire and fire, water and water, etc. Looking at the sun sign of two people, for example, the couple’s sun sign, often gives us remarkably deep insight into the mysterious sources of attraction between two people.