What does the death tarot card mean?

Tarot reading involves various cards that are used to gain information about the seeker’s current and possible future situations. These cards and predictions thus interpreted are guided by a spiritual force and divine powers. The Tarot deck usually carries 78 cards and each card has a unique meaning. We will discuss one particular card that has fascinated many tarot readers and question seekers; is the Thirteenth Card of the Deck called “Death”. This terrifying sound because in real life death symbolizes the end and void. No one knows what happens after death and there are several theories involving the afterlife or life after death. We will look at this death tarot card through several aspects.

The image and symbols: The card image shows a skeleton holding a flag on a white horse. We can see card number thirteen at the top. Some Death Tarot card images show people dying on the ground, some show images of people screaming and blood pouring out of their bodies as if someone has just dealt the death blow. But the most significant image of the tarot card is the image of the rising sun. We may not find this image in the entire collection of death tarot cards, but in most death tarot cards the rising sun is prominent. There is another symbol in the death tarot card which is the white rose. This is the symbol of purity and humility. Beauty is also present there. But we must always remember that all roses also have thorns.

Meanings: The death tarot card is not considered so bad as long as the meaning of the card is interpreted in relation to a particular situation. But yes, if someone asks the question about a sick person or a family member with a disease, it can symbolize that the procedure is going in the wrong direction. People often ask questions about their careers or relationships. In these circumstances, this letter symbolizes the end of one and the beginning of the other. It can mean that someone is leaving a particular job and is gaining a new one. Someone may be breaking up with a partner and moving on to a new relationship or partner. Death brings a new beginning and this is indicated by the rising sun at the back. The rising sun tells the seeker that if there is death there are also new beginnings. Every dark corner also has a bright light. It’s like a horror movie where a character has struggled all night fighting and dealing with a ghost and in the end, with the sunrise, the ghost dies and brings a new day and a new life.

karma: The Death tarot card also has characteristics of karmic energies. In a theory of karma, a person dies and takes a new form in the next life and dies again in this life and takes a new life form again and this cycle continues. What has been done in the past; a soul will reap in this life until the soul progresses higher and higher in the realm of self-awareness and self-realization. If we relate this to the death card and assume questions are asked about health, career and love/relationships, the card means that what a person did in the past will reap now. A person who drinks heavily or smokes heavily will pay the price if their health is at risk due to these addictions. This would be done by a person who has studied well in the past and therefore has acquired the knowledge to a level where he can take the risk and effort to climb the career ladder to a higher level. In relationship, a person will also bear the fruit of his positive or negative behavior that he showed in his past relationships.

White Rose: Considering the white rose, as I said earlier, every rose comes with thorns and so on the path to new beginnings, a seeker may experience some obstacles along the way. We could relate this to another saying “God helps those who help themselves”. In the path of progress there are always some obstacles and hurdles that stand in the way and the person who can overcome these obstacles will conquer death.

Change is the essence of the Death tarot card. When this tarot card is seen in the tarot reading, the seeker must consider the factors that can cause change in life. They must think hard about what kind of changes are foreseen in their life in what areas of life are these areas: Love, Career, Health, Business, Spiritual, Political, Academic, General Behavior, Philanthropic, Mental or Physical. In the end, the seeker must ask himself whether he is willing to accept this change with courage or if he cannot bear the obstacles that this change may bring. If the seeker is able to accept change and the consequences related to that change just like the warrior and is willing to put in one hundred percent effort to reach the goal, this card will show them the new light in the darkness : solution to the problem you have. are looking for